Cisco 7900 Series FAQS

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Q. What does the G & G-GE stand for?
In the beginning Cisco released the 7940s and 7960s - These are two and four line phones with nothing difficult about them.

Next came the 7940G's and 7960G's, the "G" stands for Global Icon - Meaning the buttons on the phones don't have words, they have icons. Instead of the word "Messages" you have a picture of an envelope.

A.2) Cisco then released the 7941G-GE and 7961G-GE - This time the G-GE means they have Global Icons and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Q. I'm looking for a colour phone with a Gigabit Ethernet port, do Cisco even make these?
Yes, the Cisco 7945G and 7965G will do the job.

- "How can this be, they don't have the "GE" at the end?" -

Cisco put Gigabit Ethernet ports on the 7945G and 7965G even though they dropped the "GE" from the name.

Q. Is the 7900 series be expandable?
There are models in the range that can support additional keys. Please visit our Cisco 7900 Series Matrix to quickly view which phones support expansion modules

Q. Are the 7900 series suitable for home use?
No, the 7900 series are not compatible with analogue lines.

Q. How do I find out if my headset will work with the 7900 Series?
simple use our Headset Compatibility Guide to help find your answer.

Q. How are the Cisco 7900 series powered?
All models in the Cisco 7900 series are powered via PoE except for the Cisco 7940G/60G which require the Cisco Power Cube 3.


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