Environment Policy

Best4systems takes very seriously the effect that every action can have upon the environment. We have a commitment to continuous improvement.

The nature of a large part of our business is that we recycle used and unwanted equipment. Our process of buying those goods which people no longer want, and investing in making them fit for re-sale to other users, although unashamedly for profit, means that the lifespan of these units is greatly increased. This process in turn negates the need to introduce new equipment that has to be manufactured, and thus reduces the environmental impact.

In addition there are issues of recycling in house which we operate as company policy.

The company also prides itself in creating a minimal carbon footprint through its general working practices; streamlining logistics, processes and suppliers to minimise waste.

Best4systems strives towards educating its staff, suppliers, and customers, on understanding of environmental issues in the context of its business. Our collective is to ensure that we continually improve the environmental impact of our activities.

By this policy, Best4systems recognises its responsibility towards protection of the environment, and issues this statement as a commitment of both management and employees to minimising the environmental impact of its operations.