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Alcatel 8 Series 4000 IP Touch Telephones

In addition to the converged power of data and voice over IP, these terminals support an unsurpassed range of features and functions, including web-based XML business applications. They offer superior-quality audio and an optimized design with a large, high-resolution screen. The Alcatel 4068 IP Touch incorporates a color display and the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Below is a matrix compairing the main features between the various Alcatel 8 Series - IP 4000 Touch Telephones


Ideal for Standard-level Intermediate-level Professional-level Advanced-level

Display Resolution 20 Character LCD 64 x 128 Pixels 100 x 160 Pixels 240 x 320 Pixels
1/4 VGA
Display Type Black & White Black & White 4 Gray Levels 4096 Colours
 All have Backlit LCD

Programmable Keys 6 with LED 40 max
2 Personal LED
40 max
2 Personal LED
40 max
2 Personal LED
 (Excluding Enter + Navigation Cluster)

Navigator 2 Directions 4 Directions 4 Directions 4 Directions

Call Alarm LED No 2 Colours 2 Colours 2 Colours

Headset Plug (3.5mm) No 1 1 1

Alphabetic Keyboard No Yes Yes Yes

Bluetooth® 1.2 No No No Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Additional Key Modules Up to 120 keys Up to 120 keys Up to 120 keys Up to 120 keys

PC Connection & Switch No Yes Yes Yes

Standard IP Features: 4018, 4028, 4038, 4068

  • IEEE 802.3af full compliance
  • 10/100BT auto-sensing & configurable
  • Alcatel DHCP server disabling
  • VLAN management
  • External Power Supply
  • Validation and Exit Keys

Standard Phone Features: 4018, 4028, 4038, 4068

  • Hands Free + Key and LED
  • Validation and Exit Keys
  • Message Key + LED
  • End Key
  • Redial Key
  • Help Key
  • External loudspeaker
  • Volume +/- Keys
  • Mute Key
  • Dial by name